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Meet the 2019 Executive Team


Daniel Wong


3rd Year, Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering (Honours)
  • Daniel is a dedicated maker having started in first year of university. He aims to share his passion for making by educating and inspiring others, as he seeks opportunities to make things.

    Previous roles with CREATE

    2017 - Project Illuminate Team Member
    2018 - Project Illuminate Team Member
    2018 - Secretary
    2018 - Vice President of Sponsorship
    2018 - DRC Team Member - Team Cooked


    Dylan Sanusi-Goh

    Vice President of Technology

    2nd Year, Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering (Honours) / Computer Science
  • Hi! I’m Dylan, and I’m experienced and passionate about all sorts of maker technologies. I help make stuff for startups, competitions and large organisations.

    Since young, I’ve been heavily involved in projects with unmanned aerial systems, embedded systems and programming. This has expanded to a love for makerspace communities and education.

    For 2019, I’m the Vice President of Technology for CREATE & Technical Director for Project Illuminate.

    I’m also involved with Flight Labs UNSW, the Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge, ENGG1000 and a few startups here and there. Come say hi!

    Previous roles with CREATE

    2018 - Chief Technology Officer
    2018 - Secretary


    Michael Wu

    Vice President of Sponsorship & Outreach

    3rd Year, Bachelor of Computational Design (Honours)
  • Michael is a multi-disciplined maker with a variety of skills developed from his various interests. He strives to educate and empower the next generation of makers through workshops and skill sharing.
    He enjoys work on various projects including electronics, computers, woodwork, bikes, motorcycles and cars. He’s always down to have a chat with you about your project and give you advice to help you get going.

    Previous roles with CREATE

    2018 - DRC Team Member
    2018 - Project Illuminate - Team Member
    2018 - CAD Workshop Presenter


    Rosanna Liu


    2nd Year, Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) / Commerce
  • Rosanna is an enthusiastic and kEEN engineering student with interests in sustainability, and learning how to make things :’) She aims to share her passion for making and learning through CREATE by ensuring the team and the community are communicating smoothly. Feel free to pop up!

    Previous roles with CREATE

    2018 - Project Illuminate Team Volunteer


    Junji Moey


    4th Year, Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering (Honours) / Computer Science
  • Junji is an avid maker with interests in autonomous systems programming and interactive art. He has consulted for graduate designers Edison Chen and Yunzhen Zhang.

    Previous role with CREATE

    2017 - Team Volunteer, Project Illuminate
    2017 - DRC Team Developer
    2018 - Director, Project Illuminate


    Joshua Sun

    Arc Delegate

    6th Year, Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering (Honours) / Commerce (Human Resources)

    Josh can best be characterised as a ‘forever student’. He has been part of many clubs and societies on campus and enjoys making things.

    He is currently the Admin Director of CREATE Project Iluminate and the Arc Delegate for CREATE. Feel free to stop him if you want to chat about anything project management, logistics, or anything really! He promises he won’t bite…


    Farhan Sumantri

    Director of Events

    2nd Year, Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering (Honours)

    Farhan is an outgoing hobbyist with interests to simple electronics to advanced AI. He aims to spread the soft skills and expand the maker community through engaging events and workshops.


    Taiyue Tan

    Director of Media and Marketing

    4th Year, Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering (Honours) and Computer Science
  • Taiyue is an avid maker with interests in programming and design. He has done design work for several startups and projects. He likes to do stuff, learn new languages and keen to try out different food.


    Vincent Mai

    Co-Directors of Sales

    3rd Year, Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Vincent is a keen maker with a passion for 3D printing. He aims to provide quality sales services to the maker community by ensuring quick communication with people. He is an ardent fan of the thinking emoji.

    Previous roles with CREATE

    2018 - Sales Team Member


    Johanna Then

    Co-Directors of Sales

    2nd Year, Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (Honours)
  • Johanna is a passionate worker who strives for rewarding customer experiences at our weekly Pop-Up Stall. Her interests include sustainability and learning about new people and things.

    Previous Roles with CREATE

    2018 - Sales Team Assistant

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    We appreicate the following executives for their services & contribution to CREATE!

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