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UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System)

UAV Outback Challenge 2016

Written by William Hales on 19 June 2016

CREATE has been expanding into new territory, one part of which is the formation of a team which is currently working to enter the UAV Challenge “Medical Express in 2016.

The UAV Challenge has been held in Queensland since 2007, and is an open international competition, with a $50,000 prize for the team with the highest points to successfully complete the challenge. The first challenge, “Search and Rescue”, was successfully completed for the first time last year in 2014 after 8 years, and a new competition specification has been released for the competition to resume in 2016.

CREATE plans to use its considerable experience with UAV development as well as the resources that have been made available through partnerships across the university to enter a competitive team in the 2016 competition. The complexity and demanding nature of the challenge will be rewarding for all participants involved, as well as provide the opportunity for research and academic involvement in the cutting-edge developments that are required to complete the challenge.

We thank the partners for their support!

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