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Light Bridge

Randwick Environment Park, Sydney

13 September 2015

Written by Scarlett Steven on 12 September 2015

The Randwick Council Outdoor Sculpture Walk is a night­time light installation exhibition that third year Sculpture students are putting on in conjunction with Randwick Council. The exhibition has a huge environmental focus, as it coincides with the Randwick Eco­Living Fair on September 13th. I am on the management team of this exhibition, and my specific role is environmental officer. It is my role to ensure that all proposals meet the environmental requirements put to us by their local arborist. The exhibition will run over four nights, and will be attended by the mayor.

Light Bridge is artwork I am creating for the exhibition. It will consist of a series of 6-12 pairs of infrared sensor activated lights, that will be installed on a bridge in the Randwick Community Centre wetland. As a person moves over the bridge, each light will go on while they are directly in front of it, and then off as they move on to the next one. It will essentially map a person as they move over the bridge. Bridges are spaces of inbetween-ness, when one is neither at the start nor the beginning. My work attempts to create a space from this non-space and make this period of liminality a focus.

It is an incredible opportunity to have our work exposed to a vastly different audience, numbering between 6000-­8000 people (as attracted in previous years). In order to make the most of this opportunity, I’m planning quite an ambitious work. My intent in applying for funding is to have my work reach its best potential.

Scarlett’s work can be viewed in Randwick City Council’s video here (0:30 - 0:33)

We thank the partners for their support!

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