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Project Illuminate

Celestial Pancake - Vivid Sydney 2019

Overseas Passenger Terminal, Circular Quay, Sydney

24 May 2019 - 15 June 2019

Written by Tsz Kin (William) Liu on 23 May 2019

Celestial Pancake is our sixth year of involvement with the Vivid Sydney festival (fifth time with a light installation). Since the branding launch of Project Illuminate during Synergy (Vivid Sydney 2018) project, we have pushed our creative and technical boundaries to make this artwork bigger than our last year’s Synergy. The project is fully supported by UNSW Sydney.

Celestial Pancake is a suspended audio-visual installation that visitors can walk under. It is composed of a four-meter radius ‘ceiling’ with fiber optics and an evolving four-point soundtrack. From afar, the whole terminal is bathed in washes of light, drawing people in and encouraging them to pause reflectively. Set to alternating colour palettes inspired by space phenomenon that enchanted us as kids, the installation transports a slice of the sky and brings it to us on the ground.

Fun Facts of this project, we have used: 17,500 LEDs, 10km of wires and running it with only 2 power plugs.

The Project Illuminate for 2019 is formed by three major teams, the art & design team, technical team and administration team. The student project group consists upwards of 90 students who participate in artistic design, engineering design, manufacturing, operations and marketing.

Production of our artwork at the UNSW James N Kirby Makerspace. Image: Tsz Kin (William) Liu

Meet the team

Adminstration Team

Project Manager - Joshua Sun

Secretary - Teresa Feng

Head of Marketing - Taiyue Tan

Marketing Assistant - Tsz Kin (William) Liu

Art & Design Team

Art & Design Team Director - Dylan Yikwah Goh

Concept Lead - Jasmine Tan

Render Lead - Bettina Zhang, Nathalie Tun Barreto

Interactive Media Lab Advisors - Genevieve Collier, Ryley Edwards

Art & Design Collaborators:

Anakha Menon, Christopher Yang Wang, Danae-Irene Kyriakaki, Dhwani Sahetai, Kaveri Gopalakrishnan, Krishna Adka, Nishant Pandav, Polly Rise, Selina Chan, Tongzheng Zhao, Xiao Fang, Xiaowei Luo

Technical Team

Technical Team Director - Dylan Sanusi-Goh

Electrical Lead - Aly Virani

Senior Electrical Engineers: Anthony Feizi Sobbi, Luke Jackson

Electrical Engineers:

Alfred Yeh, Anthony Leung, Bethany Hoyt, Ching Ting Li, Christopher Harris, Christopher Tran, Cristian Bernal, Danika Luichareonkit, Dunya Vasic, Felice Tan, Jessica Phe Li, Jungbin Lee, Junji Moey, Kevinly Santoso, Lakshan Perera, Madeline Younes, Minh Duc Duong, Nhu Dinh, Prithvi Guntha, Rachel Feng, Samantha Choy, Samantha Mesia, Shevaani Rams, Stephanie Liaw, Steven Kassiou, Taban Khurram, Tavishi Makhija, Tristan Ranee, Xiaowei Luo

Mechanical Lead - Michael Wu, Prithvi Guntha

Senior Mechanical Engineer: Matthew Payor

Mechanical Engineers:

Beryl Li, Daniel Wong, Eric Lin, Havish Krishna, Jeremy Low, Jonathan Hribar, Junji Moey, Kathy Fan, Kelly Yi, Lek Hong Fong, Louis Wong, Lucas Pun, Luke Simmonds, Nanqi Chen, Rosanna Liu, Royi Yu, Sanjaya Stenly Hoo, Yash Kedar, Yasmin Manovel, Yonghao Lu, Yu Ning Oliver Long

Software Lead - Mahima Mandal

Senior Software Engineer: Inura De Zoysa

Software Engineers:

Alison Truong, Alvin Cheng, Daniel Fan, Elizabeth Willer, Isheeta Sinha, Kevin Chen, Kevin Zhang, Micheal Mamansala, Nathan Ng, Onkesh Sharma, Pheobe Zhou, Sergio Mercado, Stephen Leung, Xavier Poon, Zixin (Cindy) Zhou

Left: The Team Leaders. Image courtesy of UNSW Engineering / Right: Team photo during the major working day. Image: Tsz Kin (William) Liu


Our heartfelt thanks go out to the following organisations for their hard work, without which our project would not have been possible.

Major sponsor:

UNSW Sydney, UNSW Engineering

Financial sponsors:

UNSW Engineering, UNSW Art & Design, Arc @ UNSW Ltd (under 2019 Student Community & Development Grants scheme)

Manufacturing sponsors:

K&A Electronics, UNSW Built Environment: Design Future Lab, UNSW Making

Interactive and programming advisor:

Ryley Edwards & Genevieve Collier from UNSW Art & Design: Interactive Media Lab

Supported by sister club:

MAKE CLUB at UNSW Art & Design

Venue support:

Port Authority of New South Wales

Audio Equipment support

Buzz Speaker Hire Sydney

Event technical support

Val and the team from Tri Point Rigging
Morgan and the team from Event Engineering

Event organiser and producer:

Timothy Spohr, Indi Belle, Tony Fahr and the rest of the team at Destination NSW and the NSW Government

We thank the partners for their support!

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