AutoCAD 3D

Written by Karen Zhong on 27 April 2017

We’re continuing with part 2 of our AutoCAD series: AutoCAD 3D!

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MCIC Ground Floor - AutoCAD 3D Modelling

This week we will be focusing on 3D modelling. We will be primarily using a program called Inventor for this workshop. This can be used to design parts that can be assembled into a final model and allows testing of construction and joints before construction.

As usual it will be help in the presentation space on the ground of of the Michael Couch Innovation Centre and there will be free pizza afterwards!

Do I need equipment? Please bring a laptop with a mouse! Modelling without a mouse is a real pain.

Software? Inventor is free and easy to install, best to do this before the workshop so we can get right to the fun stuff. Get both by registering for an account here and make sure you use your uni email to sign up so it’s free.

Complete beginner?

Not a problem, we teach you everything!


Free pizza afterwards!

Still can’t attend?

We have a Youtube live stream and the recording will be available afterwards.

We had our biggest turnout yet with AutoCAD Part I last week!



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