Ardunio Part 2 - Quad kits

Written by Karen Zhong on 31 March 2017

It’s time for our second Arduino Workshop! This week we will be looking at reading, writing analog signals and controlling hardware through human input. Don’t be afraid if you have no electronics or programming experience – we’ve designed the course to be a really easy gateway into DIY coding and circuits from absolute scratch. As always there is FREE PIZZA afterwards! Scroll down to find out more.

Want to rewatch Arduino Part 1? Catch up here.

Our sales stall on Monday will be at Globe Lawn from 12 - 4pm. If it is raining we will be in front of MCIC instead! Check out our online store.


MCIC Ground Floor - ARDUINO PART 2

What’s an arduino? It’s a low-cost, open-source microcontroller. It provides an easy way to interface sensors that interact with the external environment to the electrical hardware you wish to control.

Whilst the workshop series itself is free, we will recommend all those attending to purchase one our Arduino kits. We will be using the same kits as last week. Once again they will be available to be purchased at both the stall on Monday and during the workshop.

You have the option of either the basic $20 kit or a comprehensive kit with the option of either an UNO or MEGA. The kits contain a fantastic variety of experimental components as well as all of the necessities including the Arduino, a breadboard and jumper wires.

See here for more information about the kit.

——— What else to bring ——–

Your laptop! The software used in the workshops is free and easy to download and install, if you are able to do this before the workshop we can get right to the fun stuff.

  • The current Arduino IDE, free to install: Arduino software
  • Some libraries to operate parts that come with the kits: Library.

If you can’t make it to the workshop, watch our live stream on YouTube and check out our Facebook event. See you there! :)



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CREATE has quadcopter kits for sale! These are perfect for surveying, aerial mapping or photography. Our kits come with everything you will need to build and fly it. Come check them out at our stall!

More pics of last week’s CREATE-rs!