See Crystallise at Vivid!

Written by Karen Zhong on 28 May 2017

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Introducing… CRYSTALLISE! This Vivid installation is in the Rocks just behind the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Go check it out!

Special thanks must go to the following Vivid team members, they have dedicated a huge amount of time and effort into this artwork and it looks simply stunning.

Artists: Yunzhen Zhang, Christopher Ho, Alison Zhang, Randy Tjang, Guoyu Chu, and William Weng.

Collaborators: Jabez Wilson, Junji Moey, Alexander Lam, Peiju Li, Emily Chan, Kevin Yu, Daniel Castillo, Jason Phu, Jonathan Hribar, Anthony Feizi-Sobbi, Jonathan Timmerman, Yuen Chan and Daniel Wong.

CREATE would like to thank all those who came along on this journey, UNSW Art & Design for space and workshop usage during our construction phase, UNSW Engineering and UNSW Built Environment for all their help and sponsorship, AGB Events for making it all possible, Michael Crouch Innovation Centre, UNSW, Destination NSW, Event Engineering and everyone who worked on the project!


Crystallise is a sprawling, lighting-mural landscape, comprising multicoloured triangles and diamonds.At first glance, the installation appears to be a mosaic, although randomly generated colours and patterns gradually allow viewers to see different forms within its surface.

However, the installation encourages viewers to approach and construct their own interpretations of what they can see, and the final secret of the work is reserved for those who truly explore. As they come into close proximity with the mural, sections of the canvas fade, leaving behind only a pair of wings. Find out more here.



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