CREATE & CSEsoc present - OpenCV & Raspberry Pi workshop

Written by Karen Zhong on 11 May 2017

Our Raspberry Pis have arrived! Come grab yours at our Monday 12-4pm sales stall on Globe Lawn and put it right into use at our Monday night workshop in Quad G045. The Raspberry Pi 3 is $60 and the kits (with a Raspberry Pi and a PiCamera V2) are $85.

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Quad G045 - OpenCV + Raspberry Pi

With more powerful computers, affordable digital cameras and open-source image processing algorithms, the pace of the development of computer-based vision systems has never been faster. The above is an example of the kind of motion tracking that can be done with OpenCV. Note that we are in Quad G045 this week, NOT at the MCIC!

CREATE, in collaboration with CSESOC, will be running two workshops over two weeks based on Opencv on the Raspberry Pi. Workshops will be run in C++, with an emphasis on simple and practical implementations of vision algorithms. Here is the Facebook event.

Assumed knowledge: C++ (basic understanding sufficient). C knowledge alone will mean that you may understand most of the code but could have trouble following along. If you have never done any programming before at all, this workshop is probably not for you.

What to bring: Raspberry Pi + PiCamera Kits will be on sale at the workshop so that you may build your own image processing programs. For those with Raspberry Pis, please install opencv3 prior to the workshop from this link.


Free pizza afterwards!

Still can’t attend?

We have a Youtube live stream and the recording will be available afterwards.



CREATE Unmanned Aerial Systems wants Compsci students with experience in ROS, C++ and image recognition to build planes! Email us at



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