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Student-Led / Project Starters / Maker Club


Founded in October 2012, CREATE NSW Inc. is a student-led organisation and maker-club situated at UNSW Sydney.

The core aim of CREATE is to provide opportunities for students to learn practical skills in engineering, innovation and design as well as collaborate on shared ideas and projects. By maintaining an active community of like-minded ‘makers’ and providing resources, knowledge and technology, the club seeks to foster an environment where anyone, regardless of their background, can be inspired to turn their ideas into designs, prototypes and products. We are firm believers in collective knowledge, learning and cooperation as an effective way to expand what is possible for any individual to accomplish.

CREATE runs an array of activities to help facilitate this ideal. The team hosts a series of workshops teaching basic technical skills in Arduino, electronics, programming as well as Computer Aided Design (CAD) modelling and digital fabrication.

CREATE also fosters team projects including: Project Illuminate making annual entries into the VIVID Sydney Light Festival and participating teams in the Droid Racing Challenge (DRC) hosted by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Lastly, they operate the sales of affordable electrical and robotic components at UNSW during semester, to supply students with the parts they need for projects big or small.

CREATE has gained many accomplishments over the years, and strives to continue expanding their community and carry forth the maker movement of UNSW. Some of these achievements include: