CREATE Starters

CREATE is very excited to introduce our very own project incubator, CREATE Starters. If you have an idea for a project that involves putting together and making any project, we want to provide you with everything needed to get your project off the ground. For any project big or small, this is the place to start. We are open to all students at UNSW from any faculty.

We want to help bring your ideas to life by providing support in a number of ways. Becoming a CREATE starter unlocks

  • Special access to workshop facilities
  • If necessary, the formation of a team tailored to the skills you require
  • Financial support
  • Free CREATE hardware and components
  • Free fabrication services
  • Ongoing guidance
  • Technical assistance
  • CREATE Starters is centred around a strong community of like-minded innovators and students, meaning you will never be short of support.
  • Let us help you turn your ideas into a reality!

CREATE: Easy Staters

If you’re simply looking for team members to join in on your cool project, you can come to our Parts Sales Store on campus and leave the name of your project, so others who are also interested in your project can leave their name and contact details for you to come and collect whenever you please. Easy Starters, the extension of CREATE Starters, is the easiest and most convenient start to your projects!

Becoming a CREATE Starter

It’s a simple two step process:

  • Send us an email with the required information (below)
  • We will arrange a meeting at one of our weekly events to discuss details and agreements Required information:
  • Your full name
  • Your student number
  • Your phone number
  • The name of your project
  • A description of your project, along with media such as sketches, photos or documents
  • Whether or not your team will require:
  • Financial support (yes/no)
  • Access to tools and equipment (yes/no)
  • Technical assistance from CREATE (yes/no)
  • More members (yes/no) (Feel free to elaborate on these last points)

Make sure to put the words ‘CREATE STARTERS’ in the title of your email, and send it to

Otherwise interested?

Just want to start building something or develop your practical engineering skills? Simply email us that you want to join a project and give us some details. We will contact you back.